+100X Less Power
+100X Less Latency
And Infinitely More Secure

Redesigning digital architectures

for a Green Future

Redesigning digital architectures is imperative for fostering a greener future. By optimizing energy consumption, minimizing e-waste, and prioritizing sustainable practices, we can create a harmonious balance between technological advancement and environmental preservation.

We are the  of Data Exchange

crossPORT Ai was founded with a belief that data could be exchanged between intelligent systems faster, more securely and with almost no power consumption.


Key Benefits

Why crossPORT Ai?

Why not bigger & smarter companies?

crossPORT’s unique method originated when we connected two intelligent devices over a passive optical cable. Since then, we have applied leading edge experience and expertise to validate this approach; clearing a path that builds the highest performing data exchange platforms with least cost and power.

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