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Your funds are safely held in escrow, released only upon your satisfaction

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To ensure confidence when working with suppliers, we emphasize setting clear project milestones

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Our AI agents carefully select the best suppliers for you based on your specific requirements

Partner Logistics

Effortless global shipping with DHL and UPS partnerships for reliable delivery and transparent cost

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Hire suppliers, order samples, full production tracking, and integrated delivery fee calculations all from a single platform

Quality Assurance

Ensure superior standards with our thorough and reliable quality assurance processes, giving you confidence in every procurement

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Your Complete Solution for Sourcing and Procurement

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Sourcefy exceeded my expectations. The AI helped articulate my needs and the milestone tracking was reassuring, making sure my product requirements are met at every step before having it shipped to me. Hoping to see more suppliers come on board.


Sourcefy is great! The AI assistance helped me elaborate on my product requirements, and the escrow system gave me peace of mind as payments to suppliers can be quite hefty. I can’t wait to see more people using it



What is Sourcefy?

Sourcefy is a B2B marketplace that connects businesses with suppliers globally. Our platform integrates clear milestone settings, secure escrow funding, in-house logistics with DHL, UPS, and more. We leverage AI for job matching, chatbots, and other advanced features to streamline sourcing.

To begin, create an account on our platform, fill in your profile details, and start posting your project requirements. Suppliers will submit proposals for your consideration, kickstarting your sourcing journey.

Yes, Sourcefy facilitates direct communication between users and suppliers, ensuring a seamless interaction and negotiation process.

How does Sourcefy's milestone system work?

Our milestone system encourages users to set specific, measurable goals for their projects. This approach promotes transparency and accountability, breaking down the overall project cost into manageable portions.

Yes, our platform allows users to monitor their project’s progress through the set milestones, from production to delivery, ensuring both parties are aligned throughout the process.

We advise users to set milestones that are logical and easy to follow. For example, start with checking for print quality, followed by checking the product packaging design, and so on. Every product has different requirements, so it’s beneficial to discuss with your potential supplier to finalize the milestones before the contract is initiated. This collaborative approach ensures that all project objectives are clear and achievable.

Are downpayments required for suppliers on Sourcefy?

This varies based on your discussion with the supplier. Our platform offers the flexibility to choose whether to make a downpayment and determine its percentage.

Our escrow system securely holds funds until the client approves the completed milestones. This safeguards financial interests and builds trust within the marketplace, facilitating quicker dispute resolutions and refunds if necessary.

Funds stored in escrow will be automatically released to the supplier after 30 days, ensuring suppliers are compensated for their work even in cases of oversight.

Yes, we charge a commission ranging from 2% to 5% per successful transaction, varying with the transaction amount. This fee structure incentivizes larger transactions while maintaining platform support.

Can I order samples on Sourcefy?

Yes, simply post your job, wait for supplier proposals, request samples directly through messaging, and the supplier will invoice you for payment and shipping through our platform.

To begin, create an account on our platform, fill in your profile details, and start posting your project requirements. Suppliers will submit proposals for your consideration, kickstarting your sourcing journey.

How do I know the shipping cost of my product?

Shipping costs are calculated based on the chosen in-house logistics partners, such as UPS and DHL. Shipping methods are selected, and costs are billed to you, with tracking available directly on our platform.

How does Sourcefy handle disputes between users and suppliers?

We encourage direct communication for dispute resolution. If unresolved, our support team mediates to find a satisfactory outcome, ensuring platform integrity and user satisfaction.

Yes, user feedback is crucial for maintaining platform integrity. We encourage honest reviews of supplier collaborations to aid other users in their decision-making process.

How long does it typically take to find a suitable supplier for a project?

The time to find a suitable supplier varies by project requirements and supplier availability. Our platform is designed to expedite this process, helping you find the right match as efficiently as possible.

How long does it take for me to get a refund?

The refund processing time depends on the scope of your request. For refunds concerning the current milestone, the process takes 1-3 business days. For milestones released to the supplier after 30 days, including past milestones, the processing time extends to up to a week as we need to seek the supplier’s cooperation to return the funds from their bank account.

To facilitate a smooth refund process, we retain the supplier’s funds in their Sourcefy wallet for 30 days before enabling transfer to their bank account. We recommend initiating any refund requests within 30 days after releasing payment for a milestone to ensure you can receive your refund within 1-3 business days. However, refunds for milestones released past 30 days are still possible but may take up to a week. It is crucial to thoroughly check the product quality through image and video proof via the chat before releasing funds from escrow.


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